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SWD Bugle - Solving the greatest conspiracy yet!


Solving the biggest conspiracy ever!


-yours truly Acen




Hello everyone, today’s articles will be based around the biggest conspiracy yet! A conspiracy so big that no one knows about it… until now.




So, let me give you a bit of backstory. This is a SWD Bugle article a written by a SWD Bugle blogger. There are altogether 6 bloggers who write daily articles and one of them is the great editor Ben! Now what if I told you there is one impostor among them (yes amongooos) plotting to take over the SWD Bugle. Well; there is, and I have found them.




So, this all started when Destroyer wrote this in the discord:



For a bit of context we where talking about procrastinating, and coke mentioned how he had three finished articles. So, clearly we can see here Destroyer has enough articles to be a solo writer for an entire month!


And being the genius master mind that I am I decided to get to the bottom of this. Who could have hired Destroyer to do this. Who in the Bugle team would betray their brothers? Well lets see who the suspects are:


Me (I am of course innocent so we can role me out here)












Now after taking me out we have 5 suspects left. At this point it is just obvious who it is… ME! Yes, that’s right I went behind everyones backs and no one even noticed! But guess what. April Foooollsss! Hahah get pranked. I know you will now be saying that it isnt even April 1st. But guess what? I don’t care :D! So yes enjoy this April 1st article on April 2nd.


Umm the Image is not loading properly for me but basically after: So, this all started when Destroyer wrote this in the discord: is an image of Destroyer saying: Laughs in 32 premade articles

The biggest april 1st prank of them all

It isnt actually april 1st

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