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Dalek Mod Design Contest #1 | TARDIS Exteriors!


Last year, we announced that following TARDIS of the Week, we had plans to introduce a new set of contests for the Dalek Mod! These contests will be for players of the mod to help us design some of the features we'll be adding in our upcoming 1.16.5 version, specifically unique to the mod and not strictly from Doctor Who's canon!

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We had a vote in the Beta Access section of our Discord server as to which contests should happen in which order, here were the results:

1. TARDIS Exterior Contest | 62.5%
2. Dalek Design Contest | 15.6%
3. TARDIS Controls Contest | 7.8%

4. Sonic Screwdriver Design Contest | 6.25%

Unsure of answer | 7.8%

Winning by a longshot, designing for TARDIS Exterior disguises seemed to be the most favored choice. Because of this, we'll be rolling out the contests one by one in order of how popular. The next contest will be Dalek designing.

So without delay, let's get into how you can enter and what the guidelines of this contest are!


Contest 1:
TARDIS Exterior Design!


In this contest, you'll be able to help us design some cool and unique custom TARDIS looks for the Dalek Mod! Whether it be a gumball machine, a giant fish, or just a cool space capsule!


You don't need to know how to make Minecraft models, as we'll be accepting entries either as models or drawings, or even edited images, just however you can get the idea cross. We'll use the winning entries to model them into the Dalek Mod's usual art style to fit in with Minecraft.


What are the guidelines?

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It's simple really, just create a forum post here in the Contests category titled with the name of your exterior. The post itself, should be formatted in this way:

TARDIS Exterior: (What you've named it goes here.)
Why I went with this design: (Describe how you came up with it!)
Images: (Here you'll include your drawings or screenshots)
Feel free to write whatever else you feel necessary!




We'll be picking winners for 3 weeks. The top 3 of each week will be our final winners.

All 9 will be modeled in and added regardless of order in which they won.

Please note that once we've added the model based on your design to the mod, it cannot be removed.

A further and important thing to know, blue police boxes will not be chosen as winning entries. You may submit them for fun, but we have plenty already in Dalek Mod for 1.16.5 and will not add more.


This contest will run for the next 3 weeks. You may submit as many designs as you'd like.
Week 1's deadline is the 10th of April.
The second set, week 2's deadline is the 17th of April.

Final deadline date (Week 3) for your entry is the 24th of April.

TARDIS Exterior: Challenger TARDIS.
Why I went with this design: This specific design was made in 1 complete hour, from midnight to 1am. The whole premise was to design, model, and texture a TARDIS Model in 1 hour, this was the outcome, and i have loved it since.


TARDIS Exterior: Cardboard Box
Why I went with this design: (sorry for no picture I cannot draw) I think opening up a box and just hopping in would be quite cool.
Additional information: I hope you have seen a cardboard box and have an idea, if so then I think that this should be an interior where both doors ( from the exterior ) open because I think everyone is a bit too big to fit through a small gap like that, then because ( like the end portal exterior  I think ) you enter through the top you should be dropped down from the top of the exterior. This interior is what I think of if the doctor repaired the chameleon circuit.

TARDIS Exterior: Challenger TARDIS.
Why I went with this design: This specific design was made in 1 complete hour, from midnight to 1am. The whole premise was to design, model, and texture a TARDIS Model in 1 hour, this was the outcome, and i have loved it since.


 tbh i love this but its to high res in my mind if it where more in the stile of mc it might just cut it

TARDIS Exterior: Cake
Why I went with this design: Because I like cake Hehe.
Additional information: I was thinking  That When you open it with a key it removes icing and lets you walk in it 

As mentioned in this post, submissions are to be posted in Contests category of the forums, not this thread. Entries posted here will not count.

Locking this thread to avoid confusion, please ask any questions relating to the contest in our community Discord's #support channel.

 I got an idea for 1.16.5 dalek mod so here's my idea so if you shift and right click the Tardis with a sonic you can either cloak it ,bring up the monitors GUI or activate emergency protocol 1, and if u shift and right click the air with the Tardis key your Tardis will dematerialize, there can also be a new item that lets you set the coordinates for where your Tardis will go when you are outside the Tardis the devise will have a GUI of all the controls for the Tardis to bind it with the device you shift + right click the Tardis with the device you can be at a infinite length from the Tardis and the device will still work,. There can be new planets like Pluto ,Saturn, Neptune and so on. the sonic screwdrivers can also have possible remodels I'm not Shure about that. and you can do the all handles commands from outside your Tardis while handles is inside it. there can also be custom chameleon circuits for your Tardis. also the rate of getting metalert can go up by 5% so it is easier to find it. and if the owner of a Tardis has no key they can make a Tardis locator which can tell the owner where your Tardis is if they had forgot where their Tardis is. those are my ideas for now

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