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TARDIS Exterior Entry

TARDIS Exterior: Renegade's TARDIS
Why I went with this design: I really enjoyed the original look of the TARDIS revealed in the season 7 finale in 2013. And years later I felt with extra additions it could be a very interesting design. This Renegade's TARDIS was drawn and thought of for writing prompts back in 2018  with an original character in mind. This TARDIS is one that has been through conflict both internally and externally, It's glowing cracks make it look like it's about to explode yet it is held together. My drawing doesn't capture it too well but I wanted to give the relatively plain and harmless looking undisguised TARDIS a menacing feel to them. Like something originally designed for travelling through time and space but modified for war and conflict and the damaged look externally gives the vibe that it was not made for what it's been modified for.

I intend the model to have more cracks and more of a glowing look with a darker and burnt metal but here's the rough design!
Images: (Here you'll include your drawings or screenshots)
Feel free to write whatever else you feel necessary!

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