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SWD Bugle - Updates

SWD Bugle


By Ben1Ben1


It’s been a busy week so I thought I’d do some updates about DMU and the Bugle!


DMU has been back for a week and things have been going great!


Players are exploring, towns are forming, staff are staffing, Ben is eating cake.


I’ve been on for quite a bit, as this time I’ve decided I’m going to play in survival! Yes - that means you can slap me, it’s fun I know.


I have really enjoyed playing in survival as it’s been over a year since I last played in it, and DM Survival has changed a lot. I am slowly learning how to succeed and once I have a better idea, I am hoping to do some articles around DM survival! 


Some SWD Bugle Updates - the SWD Bugle HQ has been built by the wonderful Joe! I just need to work on the interior and then it will be ready to go!


Some sad news is that Coke has decided to step down as a Bugle writer. This is very sad to hear as Coke has been a great writer and will be dearly missed.


To replace Coke’s Saturday articles, Acen has offered to stand in doing two articles a week! Thank you to Acen!


However some good news - there’s been a vote in SWD Community discord which has decided to ban Coke so thank god we are rid of him for real :)


If you have any suggestions for SWD Bugle at the moment, please do say below! I’m always looking to grow the Bugle!


See you on Wednesday,


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