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SWD Bugle - some random news

Hey guys a short article today but I hope you like it anyway :). So recently coke *sadly* left the Bugle team and instead of getting a new writer I shall just be taking over Saturdays (hah on step close to taking over the bugle). Anyway I will give more information on this on Friday.

Now for all of your DMU ogs (well you dont really need to be an og) me and coke (and heyhey) have been recently working on bringing back something big from the past (not acctually that long ago). I shall give you a sneak peak more information coming soon...

*little note I cant seem to upload the video from my phone sadly so sorry for that but on Friday / Saturday I will get on my laptop and then I should be able to attach the video*


I hoped you liked this rather short article and thanks for reading :D


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