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SWD Bugle - Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

SWD Bugle

Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

By Ben1Ben1

Dear Diary,


After yesterday's mystery in the kitchen I have managed to save the day.


I found some more cheese and onion pringles! I haven't managed to figure out what the potato people meant but at least we have pringles.


After hearing them talking about Zone 42 I decided to do some snooping, and found a map hidden in one of the potatoes lockers.


The map was of DMU split into different zones. Most of the zones have been crossed off, including Zone 42. The only zones left are zone 45, 26, and 1. Zone 45 had the word today scribbled on top of it.


I realised this was the perfect time to scout out what the potato people are doing.


I stole one of their uniforms, by bribing a potato person with pringles of course, and snuck into the bridge.


The captain, who I hadn't met before, was barking orders left front and centre. He looked directly at me.




I shrugged and ran off to "my" allocated station.


I looked at the screens projecting the external security cameras footage, and could see a clear shot of DMU.


The captain ordered "TURN ON THE TRACTOR BEAM!" - Turns out that isn't a real tractor.


The bright glowing laser appeared across the picture. Animals and players were being dragged towards the sky, heading to the ship.


What were the potato people doing? What did they need with this creatures? What did they need with me?


The potato person next to me was confused, "Why aren't you doing your job? Wait - officer why are you so short? You aren't an officer!"


I had been found out. I smashed all the buttons on the console and legged it. 


Let's hope I escape Diary. I'm writing this as I run.


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