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Greifed house in rainbowwoods

Minecraft Username: ShaneH7646

Location of griefed building(Coords, which server): See screenshots

When it happened (Time and Date):No idea, just noticed it

Description of the problem:Greifed house in rainbowwoods

Witnesses (if any):DrTyler11 found it and contacted me

Image(screenshot) before and after griefing:








Minecraft Username: _The_Doctor___

Username of player you want banned: Bluberryspice

Location (Which server): Public

When it happened (Time and Date): 1:00 3/19/16

Description of the problem (Were they abusing perms etc.): Bluberryspice was griefing me, he killed my Cows, sheep, and crops, stole my Items, using a hopper, and he stole two sticky pistons

Why they deserved to be banned: They have been griefing, and I need justice.

Witnesses (if any): Bismark_MC

Image(screenshot) of the player you want banned (image of chat image etc.):




here Blueberryspice griefed the same house before!


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