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SWD Bugle - DM Survival and Exterior Competition!

SWD Bugle

DM Survival and Exterior Competition!

By Ben1Ben1

Well Sigma seems to be asleep or dead, so I’ve decided I’ll take today’s article (and he can take mine next week mwhaha)


SWDTeam like always have been busy, so I thought I’d do an article catching everyone up on what’s been happening.


Firstly, sadly during the great fire of 2021, the DM survival world was lost. This is really disappointing however there isn’t much anyone can do.


SWD has two options now. The first is to restart the DM survival alongside the SWD SMP. The second is to focus purely on the SWD SMP. If you would like to vote on this, check out the community tab on SWDTeams YouTube channel. 


If you want to look over the DM survival series, SWD has made an awesome recap of each episode which is a lot of fun to watch.


Second - after the success of last years tardis of the week competition, there is a new competition out! https://youtu.be/pbR8YrDHMVc


This time you get to design the exterior of a tardis! You can literally design any exterior you want! This is an amazing opportunity and I highly recommend taking part. https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9390


If anyone designs a cake exterior and wins, you are my new best friend.


Until next week,


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