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SWD Bugle - My plans from now on


SWD Bugle – My plans from now on


-yours truly Acen




Ight so coming at you with a bit of a shorter article I wanted to tell you about my plans for the SWD Bugle from now on. As you may have heard coke *sadly* (jk) left us and I will be taking over Saturday articles meaning I will be posting twice a week.



Anyway, my plan is simple. Friday articles will most likely be focused around DMU and dalek mod while Saturdays will be all out SWD content. I will also be trying to bring out some tutorials (be patient though I am not very good at a lot of stuff so making tutorials will be hard ?). I am also looking to bring more stuff out on Mafia which is due to come back some time soon to DMU, so yea hype that up please, danke.


And to conclude this short article here is a picture of a garbage bin which you can enjoy


And here is that little teaser to Mafia...


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