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SWD Bugle - starting to get desperate

Hello everyone your favourite sewer rat here!

So today I am coming at you with a great article (not really please I have no idea what to write help me). So as I stated in yesterday's article Saturdays will be my SWD articles about all of SWD. So SWD you shall get! Here are some random SWD related stuff I pieced together for this article. 

1) this is highly debated throught all of SWD but in my opinion SWD stands for Swedish Waffle Directory.

2) SWD teams mods are great. 

3)I really need to step up my content or Ben is going to kill me so if you want to suggest articles that I can do please do so in the comments, thanks

4) And last but not the least on this SWD related list I wanted to briefly talk about the Tardis Exterior Design Contest going on right now! If you have been living under a rock recently let me fill you in. So remember tardis of the week (The interior design contest). Well the sequel has arrived where everyone can submit their own tardis exterior designs. Its really cool and fun and I suggest you check it out and even participate in it. More information can be found here https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9390



Anyway thats about it I hope you enjoyed this cheap article and I hope to step up my content in the future. Also I need to stop procrastinating. 

And no picture of a garbage can today sorry.

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