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SWD Bugle - It's time for a new writer!

SWD Bugle

It's time for a new writer!

By Ben1Ben1


Hey everyone!


Yes I'm back again - Looking for a new writer.


The Bugle needs a new article writer to keep everyone updated with what's happening on DMU. With the recent fire, the server is growing daily so there's plenty to write about. This role doesn't have to be focused on DMU but it would be useful. If you think you have a better topic to write about, then just let me know.


You get to join a great team of people who will support you with you articles. If you think spelling or grammar may be an issue, don't worry - Your articles can be checked before posting them to make sure you are happy with them!


If you would be interested in this new role then please send me an example article (preferable on discord) by 21st April (One week). I may also ask you some questions about ideas you have to write about! 


I really recommend giving this a go - It's all for fun and if you don't enjoy it, you can always step down later.


Any questions just let me know,


If you do not wish to be a weekly writer, but would be happy to write every few weeks or so, please still enter and let me know you don’t want to be a weekly writer.

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