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TARDIS Contest: Bed TARDIS Exterior

TARDIS Exterior: The Bed TARDIS
Why I went with this design: I thought that if you were to enter your home and seen a dematerialising bed you would be very confused and its good to go along with the line of TARDISes like the Furnace TARDIS and etc and i couldn't get a Minecraft bed but the way i was trying to make it is that its a Minecraft bed model with the covers and pillow lifting up to see a TARDIS inside and it would be cool to see the physics with boti/soto with it looking upwards and it being like how River song fell of off a building into the TARDIS to the swimming pool room so it would be cool to see the bed like that because its at that angle.



 Additional Information: Also if your wondering why its not got textures and stuff its because the block bench and stuff its complicated so i used 3D Paint xD also the green part under the pillow and covers is the interior boti/soto.


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