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Tardis Exterior week 2 : Monsters Inc Tardis

TARDIS Exterior: Boo's door/ Monsters Inc Tardis


Why I went with this design: The trippy effect of a child's room being accessible from a closet door made in the monster world seems right at home as a Tardis exterior in my opinion... wow...out of context that would sound really creepy.

The bigger on the inside part of this mod suits Boo's door so well is my point


Bellow is a texturepack example I made using the Chronotis door and items in the game but the actual modded version would look better and have the door locks seen in the movie I enjoy texture pack making and pixel art more as opposed to drawing the design and can not model the door locks on though so apologies




Features: The crafting recipe would be a pink tulip as the defining item this is because the door has flowers on it alternative recipes would be the Chronotis or vanilla Door chameleon circuit item crafted place nonspecifically with the pink tulip

other features of the exterior would include the light turning off when locked like how the light turns off on the doors in Monsters Inc if this is a possible addition of course

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