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SWD Bugle - Bringing back Mafia




-yours truly Acen




Hello everyone, your favourite sewer rat here! In this article I want to be talking about something special me and penguin4life along with HeyHey have been working on recently, and at the end I will be giving you some info to a special upcoming article of mine!




So, let’s get right into it!


Now some of you may have already heard about this and now to put it official Mafia is coming back! Yes, the classic social game that penguin4life used to host on old DMU before Mafia sadly died out. But me and penguin along with the help of HeyHey have been working on getting it back, so here are some stuff to look forward to:




New Maps


What would be Mafia without new maps! Built by the amazing HeyHey we will be bringing you new Maps with new twists and secrets! Of course, what would the fun be in spoiling you everything so let’s move on.




A new timetable


So, this is a rather interesting one. We have decided to set up a timetable for games. This means that each week at set dates and times we will be hosting games with set prizes. These prizes can vary from valuables like ghast tears or to just nice sums of money! And once a month we will be having a bigger game night with a grand prize! We want to introduce this new system to get people more motivated to attend games and have time to get ready for games.


Now of course having weekly games isn’t easy to finance so any donations would be much appreciated. You can donate money or just any general valuables. This would be much appreciated and help us keep mafia running. If you are interested in donating message me Acen#0209 or penguin4life#4212 on discord or alternatively just write down below in the comments.




And that’s about all I will be telling you for now. Keep an eye out for mafias trailer which should come out soon!




And last but not the least I wanted to give you some info on an upcoming article of mine: The sequel to my DMU economy article which was my very first article that I wrote as a guest writer and in my opinion my best article.




Seeing that DMU’s economy has been reset I would like to redo this article so keep an open eye out for any surveys I send out called something around the lines of DMU’S economy.




Well, that’s it. I hope you liked this article and hope to see you in the next. ????




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