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TARDIS Exterior Contest: Chest TARDIS Exterior

TARDIS Exterior: The Chest TARDIS Exterior
Why I went with this design: I went with this design because it would be awesome if you go int o someone house and you open a chest and its TARDIS and a player comes in a sees a chest dematerialising and its a very good disguise because in Minecraft you always need allot of chest for your items of course espiecaly on a multiplayer server like DMU and it would blend in so well with the others and it would go along with the line of TARDISes like the Furnace TARDIS.


Additional Information: Also if your wondering why its not got textures and stuff its because the block bench and stuff its complicated so i used 3D Paint, The green part on the opened one is the BOTI/SOTO part of it and there could be a safe version of this to blend in as well because it would blend in more and you could make so when the TARDIS is the safe version instead of it saying: This TARDIS belongs to: 1WTC it could say the ERROR This belongs to: 1WTC like it does with a safe so its more hidden.

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