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[TARDIS Exterior Contest Wk3] Statues Exterior (Plus Resubmissions)

To start off, quickly resubmitting my first two weeks for consideration for this final week, gonna be a little lazy and just do 1 pic and a link for each. You can see more on the original threads

TT H0L0 MkII  Torii Gate


Now, onto the new one.

TARDIS Exterior: Statue Exterior
Why I went with this design: I really liked how last week, I went with something less standard of a TARDIS capsule, and more an object which has something for the player to walk through to enter, so I decided to try taking it to an extreme. And, this brought me to the idea of the Statues Exterior.

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The exterior from the front

The exterior from behind

The exterior open

Open with an untextured plane, this would be the BOTI portal/small design to show that it's a portal (couldn't think of one for this, so I opted not to do it instead)

The exterior from above, in closed and opened states

A concept design for the opening animation


To wrap up, thank you SWDTeam for running this contest, it's been super fun for me, and I'm sure many others. Congratulations to all winners from all the weeks, I don't think there's been one undeserving of the spot so far, and I bet this final week will be the same.

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