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SWD Bugle - Tardis Design Contest

SWD Bugle

Tardis Design Contest

By Ben1Ben1


Hi all!


Today’s Bugle post is going to be a reminder about the current Tardis design contest.


This has been a three week competition with new winners announced each week. We are currently on our last week! If you are one of the winners, your design will be added to Dalek Mod! Yes your design will be in the mod itself for everyone to use!


If you want to have a look at the past winners for inspiration then just look here:






The designs so far have been amazing, so I’m looking forward to seeing this weeks winners! If you’d like to enter, the details are here: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9390. It’s really rare SWDTeam accepts player’s exterior designs so make sure to take part.


I will be reviewing all the winners over the last few weeks designs next week.


Until next time,


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