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SWD Bugle - DMU Shop Updates

SWD Bugle

DMU Shop Updates

By Ben1Ben1

If you have been on DMU for a while, you will know that we change our shop quite a lot!


On the new server we have decided to make a market place surrounding spawn. I think it's really pretty and definitely worth checking out.


There have been a few new updates around the shop, so I thought I'd write an article on it.


Firstly we have changed the prices of blocks. In the standard blocks have always cost $1 each, and you bought them individually. To reflect the changes in economy and to make it easier to buy them you can now buy blocks in bulk for different prices depending on the block. This should make it a lot easier for people creating bigger builds as you don't have to spam the sign over and over.


If you have been following DMs content over the last year, you will know that it's becoming more and more survival friendly. This means the number of items without recipes is slowly being fixed. The shop focuses currently on selling mainly non-craftable items, however there will always be some craftable items there too if we feel it's beneficial.


Finally similar to Elytras on the last server, for a limited time you can purchase the DM Display blocks! These are really special so are priced at $20,000 each. They will be available for the next three weeks following the schedule:

- Week One - Metalert Display

- Week Two - Zeiton Display

- Week Three - Steel Display


Make sure to buy one now, as we don't know if they will ever return!


If you have any ideas for DMU's shop, let us know below - they may be added!

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