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I’m posting this as Maximus Jones had an issue with the Forums, this is his design not mine :)


Tardis Exterior: Scrap Tardis

Creator: Maximus Jones

Why I went with this design:

Why I went with this design: I think it would be really cool to have a detailed design of a scrap TARDIS that literally looks like it was made out of spare parts.

Additional information: Well preferably I’d say that the main body would be like a rusted looking metal, and a red light on the top. Maybe some pipes just here and there on the sides of it. The windows can be like bars, and the main colour could be a mix between the colour of steel and rusty brown. The interior too could look like an abandoned factory or warehouse to give it the effect that it was literally designed to work. Also in the Interior, it is lighted by Glow stone lamps and got Crystaliene here and there, as I like the effect that has. Also in the interior it has designs that look like there are pipes here and there coming out of the walls and some of the floor, the console in the middle of the room like most TARDIS’s and above it there’s all the pipes leading from above and connecting to the console (or at least it looks like they’re leading towards it), finally for looks there should also be glass pipe designs that inside you can see either water, lave or Toxic Waste flowing inside. That’s my view on it anyways.



Key note: Light on top is red with black stripes

I actually really love this, it would fit right in with the other awesome exteriors we already have. Really nice idea!

Just since some people have missed this: THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN. IT IS MAXIMUS JONES :)

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