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Bookcase TARDIS Design

TARDIS Exterior: Bookcase TARDIS
Why I went with this design: alright, first of all, I am aware that there was a bookcase TARDIS featured in the honorable mentions last week. I had already started this deign at that point, as it was based around a bookcase I own, which I like to joke is my TARDIS, which I've simply lost the keys to.

quad view of exterior

me moving the elements in blockbench to indicate the opening animation:

Bookcase TARDIS animation concept


I know this is an exterior competition but i made an interior as well

Bookcase TARDIS interior tour

alternate color scheme: I wanted to try a color scheme that was oak planks for the white parts, dark oak planks for the red trim, and spruce planks for the shelves, but I couldn't get blockbench to cooperate


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