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[DMU Ban Appeal] - Server reset caused re-ban

 Hey DMU Staff!


I appealed my ban a few months back, it was acted on and I was unbanned promptly, however, due to the unfortunate events of the server host building fire, and the server resetting, my ban has been re-implemented. I believe this to be a mistake as I have not been on DMU since a few months before the old server went down, and it is for the same reasons as noted on my previous appeal, which you can find here: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=6383

I appreciate any time taken to look into this. (Screenshot for reference)


-TheVale (Haydn)

Ah, our bad! I've asked staff to unban you as I'm not able to come online at the moment.
(if any staff member sees this, feel free to reply if you've done so. Thank you :))

Thank you for your help, I have been unbanned, this thread can now be locked :D

This thread has been locked.