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Tardis Exterior week 3: Pewdiepie's Tardis

TARDIS Exterior: Pewdiepie's Tardis


Why I went with this design: With Youtube being a big part of society nowadays and Pewdiepie representing the well-known community behind Youtube, many people know who he is even my Mum. I believe that having a Pewdiepie Tardis is a good way to show our love for the single creator with the largest subscriber count in the world.


This was a poorly done reskin of the update 59 fugitive Tardis but I think should have glowing red stripes. it is a proof of the concept in essence NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT



Glowing red stripes would make it stand out from all the other police box Tardises similar to the RGB Tardis and others similar

the sign to the left has the lyrics of B***h lasagna

the crafting recipe would have a meatball as the defining item for the chameleon circuit meatballs can be crafted from cooked pork and cooked steak

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