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Buncha suggestions for Dalek Mod

  • Using your sonic, send your tardis into flight outside the TARDIS
  • If you set of your tardis, and then someone (call him bob) holds on, it sends the TARDIS to a random location and bob loses alot of health, and the TARDIS loses quite a bit of its fuel and health.
  • Different regeneration types, like the sleeping regeneration the first doctor had, and the laser regeneration that the 12th doctor had etc
  • Make it so that somtimes when you land, some entity takes over your TARDIS and you have to some how fix it (Idk)
  • Make it so that whilst in flight mode you can take off and it takes you to the vortex flight mode thingy
  • Make it so that when you need a new sonic, if you have a sonic charger thingy, have it pop out a sonic like in the Eleventh Hour's episode.
  • Make the sonic smaller on your screen, it covers half of it!
  • For the regeneration, have the option to choose the doctors faces¬† (or your skins from your skin folder)
  • Be able to stop your regeneration like from that episode where the 10th doctor redirected his regeneration into his own hand and stopped him from changing at all.
  • Be able to choose time zones in the planet selection (For example when you select the overworld you have an option of the modern era and the classic era)
  • Add that human machine from "Lets Kill Hitler" episode, its rideable but you need that wristband. It will be like the regular player except once you die, you pop out instead


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