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Dalek Mod Wiki

By Ben1Ben1


One of the big developments for Dalek Mod over the past year or so has to be it’s Wiki. It’s now the hub of information relating to Dalek Mod! 

If you’ve been playing the mod for a while especially on DMU, you will remember hearing people regularly going “How do I craft a TARDIS?” or “Where do I find Autons?”. Whenever there was a crafting query, staff just redirected players to Just Enough Items mod as it was basically the only solution other than listing out recipes one by one. We had a few recipes on the Forums but they weren’t very update.


So in the past year, a few community members have been working on building up Dalek Mods Wiki to make it a better resource for everyone! A big thank you to Matt, Mae and Blox being the Wiki Admins.


Not only is it great as it has all the mods information on the Wiki, it’s also a community project. Although there are main wiki admins, anyone can contribute! It’s a big collaboration by the players to help other players which I think is really nice.

When you look on the Wiki, you can see the beautiful home page designed by Mae with everything clearly laid out, easy for people to navigate and access what they need. 

It’s also a great resource to look at the history of the mod and community, which I regularly use to help me with my articles.


So remember, if you are ever stuck with something related to Dalek Mod, make sure to check out the wiki! Or if you are a Dalek Mod expert, think about contributing to the Wiki to help other players.


Until next time,



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