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SWD Bugle - Logo Competition!

SWD Bugle

Logo Competition!

By Ben1Ben1


After changing our name a while back, it’s time for us to finally update our discord server logo!


Like always, I enjoy Discord server logo competitions so we are doing another one.


The logo needs to link to SWD Bugle (think books, newspapers, bookshelves) and preferably contain the name “SWD Bugle”.

The closing date is the 12th of May. The winner will receive a money prize. If the winning design is good enough, it will be made into SWD Bugle discord’s logo. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or ask in the SWD Bugle discord. https://discord.gg/P3xDDXWssS

Please send the designs to me on Discord or in the thread below.


Until next time,


Well, it's been several days since the competition closed, so has a winner been chosen yet?

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