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SWD Bugle - Random thoughts to DMU

Random thoughts with Acen

Hello everyone your favourite sewer rat here with some random thoughts mostly DMU related :). 



Now you may have heard me talk about this in some of my articles, so here is a little update. Mafia  is coming along decently however we have reached a little problem with the maps as our original design is massive and would take ages to build so we are a little stuck on how to proceed.


DMU economy article

Now this is an article I have been procrastinating on for ages but I am trying my best to get it out as soon as possible. As in my last article I will be making a survey where you can provide me with material for an article. You can expect this article to be out in about 2 weeks.


More Mafia! 

Yes more mafia again. As we are planning on doing weekly games any kind of donations would be much appreciated! Just hook me up in the comments or DMs on discord (Acen#0209) 


Right thats about it I hope you enjoyed this rather short article, I was a bit busy recently but hope to soon be a bit more active especially in the boogle 


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