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Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: THEPASKULOL

Ban duration: Until 2021-05-14

Reason for Ban:  Griefing the same place after being warned about it

Banned by: kuboe

Server: DMU Public

What were you doing last on the server: Remodelling my TARDIS interior.


I think there was an error. If I am correct, kuboe refers to a house I found in the Overworld and from which I took an Untempered Schysm, a Gallifrey Falls painting, and some other blocks. The next time I went to the server, I found a sign on my TARDIS warning me not to do it again or I would face a ban. The stolen items were returned by the mods. After that, I never griefed again, I never even went back to the house where I got those objects. I think some of the blocks that I griefed were overlooked in the first warning and discovered later, resulting in this ban. That is the main reason for I'm requesting the ban to be lifted. I would also like to say, to support my appeal, that I did not know that griefing is prohibited in the Overworld. From my experience on other servers, I thought that any unprotected area could be modified. Mea culpa, I didn't read the rules in the first place, but I really didn't commit any grief after reading them. I am an adult, if someone tells me that something is forbidden, I don't do it. I am not an agent of chaos hahahaha


I can wait for the ban to expire without problems, but if, as I think, it really is a mistake, I'd like to be able to play again sooner xD

In any case and whatever the decision is, thank you very much for reading.

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