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SWD Bugle - New writers!

SWD Bugle

New Writers!

By Ben1Ben1


Hey everyone,


A couple days ago I announced in the bugle discord that we are looking for new writers!


Firstly I’d like to thank Dan for all his great work as a bugle writer and I’m very sad to announce he has left the bugle team. Thank you for all your brilliant articles!


So it’s time for a new bugle writer!


I’m going to try something different - I know people didn’t want to commit to writing every week but preferred the idea of writing every few weeks so I’m going to set that system up.


Please message me or comment down below if you would like to be one of the new bugle writers! Depending on how many applicants we get, you will write an article every few weeks. This isn’t a confirmed position if you apply, but please do apply if you are interested. I may ask you to write a small example article if I’ve not seen your work before or don’t know you very well.


You have until Sunday 30th to message me! Then I’ll take some time to review applications before announcing the new writers. I need at least 3 applicants for this idea to work, so make sure to share this with your friends!


Any questions let me know!


Please do apply! You can always give it a go and see if you enjoy it!



to add on to Ben's post we are also normally very chill we don't normally want others to rush if they don't feel like doing it one of the other bugle writers can step in if they are free to do so like ben says apply we will hopefully see you there 

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