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SWD Bugle - Random stuff to do on DMU (I really am low on content)


15 absolute random stuff to do on DMU when bored


-by yours truly Acen




Hello everyone, your favourite sewer rat here! I know I have not written an article in ages, so I have no idea if people still remember me. Anyways, in today’s article I will have a list of 15 things to do on DMU when bored (I am out of content and I keep procrastinating DMU’s economy part two article so you will have to deal with this ????).




Make a Tardis and gift it to some random shambles, because why not?






Make a cool underground base packed with creepy and weird stuff like a torturing chamber.






Create a communist faction because we all know how important communism is.






Create a shop! Not only will it get you that shiny money that you always want but after you earned enough you can be financially irresponsible and spend all that money on great building materials like dirt.






Petition for financial gain (yes, I do mean begging (just a friendly reminder don’t spam (das no cool))).




Right, I hoped you like this random nonsensical article (I hope I didn’t lose any readers).

(also in case you are wondering why there are only 5 things to do and not 15 I can't count)


Number 6: Grind for money to buy the elytra at /warp shop

Number 7: Grind for a stack of beacons to show how rich ye are

7 (Reply): wtf can you get a stack of beacons lol

7 (Reply): wtf can you get a stack of beacons lol

 Yea ye just need 3 stacks of wither skulls and 4 stacks of soul sand

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