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Lost my items in the November/December server map reset. (Answered)

I havn't been on DMU Public for a while so i decided to go on it today and mess around with my TARDIS and stuff. But,when i log on i find all my items have gone. I'm not 100% certain what the cause of this is but i'm pretty sure it was the server reset in November/December as the last time i was on the server with my items was October. Is there anyway i'm able to get my items back? Please reply ASAP!


Edit: My MC Username is DiamondMinerTGL and the main items i'd like back are as follows: Vanilla TARDIS, 2 TARDIS Keys,11th Sonic Screwdriver and full Dalekanium Armour + Sword.

Not completely sure but I think you'll just have to start over, sorry!

As I stated in server if you have no evidence of what you lost I'm sorry but we can't restore it.
Answered this already.



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