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[Discord Ban Appeal - Spreem#8004] Reason - Posting offensive content/Rude Behaviour [Denied]

Discord account - Spreem#8004
Ban Reason -  Posting offensive content/Rude Behaviour
What I was doing last in the discord - Posting offensive videos/media 
Any previous bans - N/A
Why should you be pardoned early? - My ban on DMU has recently been lifted along with my ban on the SWD site,  i've been gone for over 7 months and have had time to reflect on my actions. I deeply regret what I did in the discord and wish only for a second chance to once again be apart of the community I let down/completely betrayed, if you do not think me returning to the discord is right I completely understand, thank you for at least taking the time to read this.

Hello Spreem,


We first want to keep a eye on your behavior on DMU and the website for 1 month. If we see you indeed improved your behavior, then we will consider to also unban you from the Discord server.


You can re appeal in 1 month.




DMU Admin

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