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[SWD website] Sub-sub categories

there should really be like sub categories. for example, you click on suggestions, takes you to another page with links like [Mod suggestions] [Website suggestions] [game suggestions] etc






  • Mod suggestions
  • Website suggestions
  • game suggestions


Mod suggestions:

  • Dalek mod suggestions
  • Zelda infinity mod suggestions

Website suggestions:

  • Forums suggestions
  • other suggestions



Bug reports:

  • Mod Bugs
  • Website bugs 
  • Game bugs

Mod bugs:

  • Dalek mod bugs
  • Zelda infinity mod bugs

Website bugs:

  • Forums bugs
  • Other website bugs



  • Build projects
  • Tardis interiors
  • item/mob models

 Edit: Examples added

 Reminds me of something I posted once on tagging threads.


Perhaps you could add an examples section like I did here


I support your idea by the way.  It would really help with navigation of the forums and organizing posts a bit closer in terms of topic than how the categories are currently.



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