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Ban appeal Mrplague19 Griefing 1 month


 Minecraft Username: MrPlague19

Why you were banned: Griefing

Given Ban Length: 2021-07-07

What were you doing last on the server: mining for resources and crafting 

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I am unaware of anything that I did wrong. 

Hi I will be looking over this,

This isn't really an appeal but I will tell you what you did wrong.
As the ban message says, and you have said as well, you we're banned for griefing.

Block logs state that ~4 days ago you destroyed what seems like a parking area in a player's shop, taking the floor as well as zeiton blocks.

Now you may remember this and if you do you may be thinking now "I thought it was abandoned" as quite a lot of players do. This is still not an excuse to break player made structures.

Now unless you are completely innocent and you know exactly what I'm talking about and have proof that the owner gave you permission to destroy their build, please do not attempt to make an appeal again for this ban.

It is only 1 month long and you can wait it out. If you still feel you are unaware of what you did, guess that sucks because your player (MrPlague19) destroyed a build created by another player. If you feel it was someone who took over your account, possibly a sibling or close friend, then we will respond with your account is your responsibility.

Appeal (If that's what will call this) Denied

- Bug1312 { DMU Admin }

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