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issue - inventory glitch

Hello, there is a big issue with my e-chest and inventory where i logged in and items have appeared out of nowhere or have switched i have labeled them and shown my information please fix this or i cant play.


Information (look at screenshots to help you):

1. Tardis key (507) changed into bowtie

2. Tardis key (170) changed into bowtie

3. 11th doctors sonic has changed into a sonic blaster

4. 2 top hats appearing (i never owned a top hat since the old server which i purchased)

5. E-Chest: SWD Statue turned into wooden shop door

6. E-Chest: Backup tardis key (507) changed into bowtie

7. I summoned my tardis (507) with the bowtie and it dissappeared


Note: I have tried relogging and still the same issue, please help me.

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