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[Dark Agency suggestion] DA Thread suggestion

feature: A thread on the forums for the DA (and any other faction) that states all the goings on, updates rules etc.

How do you suggest we implement it: i think there should be a whole new category: Factions. they would have all the updates, join requests and general discussion.


Example of this feature:

  • Dark agency
  • A.G.C
  • Torchwood
  • UNIT
  • etc.

Dark Agency:

  • Updates
  • Join requests
  • list of locations and warps
  • General faction discussion

Anything else?: Various areas (such as base locations) would be player locked (so only certain Players would be able to get in


I wish you could have notified the D.A before posting this...
Personally I don't think that our private updates, our list of locations that we work hard to keep private to the D.A members, warps, our faction discussions should be on the public forum.... If people want to post their interest in applying that is a different thing. 

We also have to have a briefing with you since you have not been on lately and have missed out on major changes.


sorry ive been grounded for about 2 weeks... we need a way to communicate other than your way.

This is off topic bvut if you have a skype we have a skype group for all this XD

cant get skype. maybe in a few weeks but last time i was on Chrisah said he would email me about any changes


minechat would be a better idea, i think the ip is dmu.swdteam.co.uk. or dmu.swdteam.co.uk:25564

or so sub-divide says

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