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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] Gallifreyan Social Order

In a recent update, drylands huts were added to Gallifrey. However, they are uninhabited. Additionally, Time Lords spawn all over Gallifrey, and only rarely in their own Citadel.


Suggestion 1: Shabogans

Shabogans are the lower cast of Gallifrey, who live in the drylands rather than in the Capitol. These would be a great addition to the mod, to inhabit the huts in the drylands.


Suggestion 2: Additional Cities

The Citadel of Gallifrey contains the upper cast, the Time Lords. However, I feel a single city is too small to fit their population. I would suggest multiple “citadels” to be scattered throughout the planet. This was alluded to in the show (e.g. Arcadia was one such city). The Time Lords should spawn exclusively in their cities, while the Shabogans inhabit their huts.


Overall, this would add some life to Gallifrey, and give a sense of its culture and social classes, as depicted in the show. I feel this distribution of mobs would be superior to the current one, in which the “upper class” Time Lords are scattered around in the wilderness, with the Shabogan huts entirely empty.


Please leave your thoughts on this. Thank you for your time.



This sounds really cool! I like the idea of having more life on Gallifrey and especially doing something with the Shabogans.

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