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Multiple suggestions

1. Make any dalek mod ores that cannot be smelted when they are mined with a silk touch pickaxe be smeltable

2. Make it so that when you instantly smelt an iron or gold ore using the sonic screwdriver you still get XP.

3. Make the rate at which fuel is depleted from the TARDIS slower.

4. Make the sonic screwdriver be able to interact with objects from further away depending on how many levels it has

5. Make the sonic screwdriver be able to light up, perhaps with a toggled key binding (basically be used as a lantern)

6. Make the sonic screwdriver be able to dematerialise the TARDIS from the outside

7. Make the TARDIS bulb on the top light up the area around it as it materialises/dematerialises.

8. Make it possible to put banners on Dalekanium and Sontaran shields.

9. Optimise the mod.

1. Very good and important idea. Matt's currently doing 1.12 so hopefully he sees this!

2. Also very good. Integration with Minecraft's XP feature is great for the Sonic Screwdriver.

3. Decent idea for balancing. Either that or more access to fuel sources.

4. Yes!! Upgradable stuff is great.

5. This would be extremely difficult to pull off because of Minecraft's lighting engine, but if we ever find out how I'm sure we will.

6. Unsure about this without it as an upgradable feature.

7. (Refer to answer number 5.)

8. That would be very difficult to do but maybe one day!

9. Maybe...

I'll see if I can add that first suggestion in next update!

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