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A new story woooooooooo

Hello there it's time for a new story I think  


This story is called the mystery disappearance of Ben as we have not seen him for a few months now I know what you are thinking but he has been in the HQ stories but they were made months in advance this story is based in that universe a few months later  

Chapter 1 Ben was taken 


It was just a normal day in the HQ, Ben was ready to get going that was until he vanished without a trace. It was not noticed till Brett had called an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of the drop in sales of the bugle that everyone apart from Ben had shown up for the meeting. 


This was quickly noted by Professor who questioned where Ben was. 


I don’t know said Brett I have been out all day trying to fix my Tardis. 


Sigma said who will pay us now then AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 


*Brett slaps sigma* 


Wait where is Dan, Brett asked  


At that moment the door swung open revelling a few daleks. 


Battle Stations Men!!! Sigma shouted... 


What happens next let me hear what you guys want to see in the next part till then good bye 

We all know that Ben is a person created by our imagination by the caffeine of my coffee


Ok jokes are over now, why am I not in any of the Bugle stories anymore :(


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