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[Ban Appeal] Retral2507: Griefing

Username: Retral2507

Reason: Greifing

Duration: Perm

Why I should be unbanned: I feel that after one year I have understood what I have done was wrong, Also what I did the other times. I am just asking for one last chance, if I get banned again I will shut up and move on. I also want to say that I am getting bored these summer holidays as my country is still in lockdown. Please unban me, I am sorry to the people I annoyed. Have a great day and stay safe :D

Hello. I've had a look over your previous appeals and ban records. I was pleasantly surprised to find out you've had 8 bans. In addition to this, the last ban was perm with no chance of appeal, which is understandable. However, since it has been over a year, I am willing to give you one FINAL chance. Any warnings, bans or punishments after this will result in being banned again. 


Welcome back

-Joe (DMU Admin)

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