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i can't use any keyborad

i install the dalek mod to my minecraft,it complete the loading and the game menu is open.but once i press any key on my keyboard,it crashed,and didn't give crash report.

it took me some time to locate the problem,and i found that the problem is when the dalek mod is installed and loaded complete,it will generate a folder called "Dalek mod" in the "mods" folder.that is the cause. any other mods that do the same thing will crash in the same way,even i reinstall the whole minecraft.install the dalek mod only doesn't help,either.

i really want to play this mod,please help me! 

the red circle is the problem

This is really strange, that folder only contains resources which the mod uses, I can't see it causing this crash.


Are you able to check in the crash-reports folder and check if anything has been generated, alternatively if not are you able to upload the latest.log file to https://pastebin.com/ after the crash occurs? This can be found in the "logs" folder

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