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Discord ban appeal

Discord username: terminator234

Reason for Ban: lying to users and moderators

Ban duration: Perm

Any previous bans: none

Why I should be pardoned early: In the year that has passed between my being banned, and me writing this, I have had ample time to sit, and review my actions that last spring. I can accept the reasons for my ban, albeit some of my actions were in the heat of the moment, but not all. I should like to sincerely apologise for my actions and the cost. I have done wrong but I want to make it right, and I really want to be back on there. I hope this appeal finds you well.

Hello There!
I will be taking your appeal today.

I know the reply is EXTREMLEY late but we looked into it.
Not only were you banned for "lying" it was mainly for ban evading as we found out you were a user called Kangabet.

If you really want a shot at being unbanned please do a ban appeal with the main account.
Then we might consider it.
Until then this appeal is denied.

{DMU Admin}

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