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[DMU Ban appeal] DalekSek: potential hacking [Perm]

Minecraft username: DalekSek

Reason for ban: Potential hacking

Ban duration: Perm

What I was doing last: Was in DMU Public near my house. I bumped into a staff member who tried to kill me and did but then I respawned. He hit me again and my shield was deflecting when I wasn't holding it up. He tried to talk to me about what happened but I didn't understand how it could have happened. 

Why I should be pardoned: I don't even know how to hack, I was just playing. I am really sorry.

I was asked to explain a bit more and give our side of the story.

We were previously getting multiple reports about you from players and staff who weren't recording that you were running around with your shield up. As in literally sprinting, something you cannot do with a shield up. I was able to record and published 2 videos showing you both running with the shield as well as you acting as if you had the shield up while it was not. Another thing was in the 2nd video you were being shot from both in-front and behind which even with a shield would still damage you from behind. You were then there for us asking you how to replicate it and you could not.
Kubo (The other staff member with me) and I then ran quick searches online, perhaps this was some exploit you were just pulling off and we would give a verbal warning all is done. We couldn't find anything in the short time and then asking you ( as you had been reported to do it multiple times before ) also could not or would not explain how it was done. We had to assume this was some sort of hack, whether you were aware of or not.

Now I cannot appeal or deny this sadly as I was directly involved, but I hope this helps anyone to read this thread, most likely just being you and the next staff member to come along and read this appeal.

Here are the two aforementioned videos:



If you could give any information further on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for replying. I haven't a clue how this happened. I'm 9 years old so don't know how to hack and I can't explain any more, it might be a bug but I don't know. My dad has looked and he does not know what has caused it.

Hey, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, as there's a chance our server just glitched your player for some reason. I've unbanned you now :)

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