Dalek Mod Workshop

Dalek Mod Workshop


What is Dalek Mod Workshop?

Dalek Mod Workshop is an addition to Dalek Mod Lite for 1.8. Dalek Mod workshop will allow you to make your own content for the mod from within the game and use it right away and upload to the workshop in order for other users to enjoy!

How will it work?

So for instance if you want to make a new Dalek, you could either use the Dalek Mod API, and play with a new custom Dalek locally on your machine, however with the Dalek Mod Workshop you will be able to create your Dalek right away in game, and use right away. Not only will you be able to play with the new Dalek right away, you will also be able to play with it on multiplayer right away and everyone on the server will be able to see you new creation!

Does this only apply to Daleks?

Nope. This will apply to many things, one of which being Sonic Screwdrivers! Included in the workshop will be a fancy interface to create custom Screwdrivers, as well as load in both Blender and Techne Models of your screwdrivers if you do not want to use our designer. We will also have support for Blocks, Tardises, food, items, mobs, almost anything you can think of!

When is this coming out?!

We plan on this coming out in beta over the next few months, all of our current beta testers will have access first, then we will start rolling it out to all of the community

Why not include it in the main mod?

We think that including it in the main mod might be a bit too much and would require vast amounts of code changes, however popular designs from the workshop each month will be added into the main mod under the community creations tab.

I have a question!?

Please feel free to post it below in the comments or by contacting us at support@swdteam.co.uk


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PineapplePunch11Beta Tester
Posted: May 07, 2019

im a beta tester

PineapplePunch11Beta Tester
Posted: May 07, 2019

can i get it

Posted: May 01, 2019

How could a gentleman like myself download and install this elequant mod unto mine own computer?

Posted: November 04, 2018

yo how does one download this addon

Posted: October 23, 2018

SWDteam there's some bugs in your new update when i use waypoints it dosn't take me where i want to go and some times my tardis crashes in the end and when i try to leave i crash in to the tardis dimension or something can you fix that please? and maybe ad some more realistic tardises that are bigger on the inside and evrything in it functions and when you go thru the tardis door you can always see whats on other side like the tardis rewrite in the gmod? And can you please change regeneration to where you can choose exactly what you look like? And can you ad back the special npc's that were in the previous updates? And good animations like grabbing animations like you can actually grab the throttle and hand break in the tardis and open and close the door with your hand? And please ad a time vortex and real vew screen ad the location salect somewhere else and please ad a way to get to other players in the tardis and please ad a place to go on public servers to get a tardis and gear and all that good stuff and ad keep inventory as a required gamerule and maybe even put a place to get regenerations and river's diary. And. Please ad the full take off and landing sounds to the tardis and maybe emergency landing sound and the damage tardis take off and landing sounds and damaged tardis flight. And how about a command block in the public server that will op you and you can do stuff for your self and use the special commands and if you ever use it to abuse people you get kicked or banned from the server. And the game crashes alot!

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