DMU Creative Pass

DMU Creative Pass


What is this?

The DMU Creative Pass is your key to the Creative Server! With this, you can access a new server, where you can build to all your heart's content with both World Edit and Creative Mode!

What can I do on this server?

On this server you can build, share, explore, and have fun with the plugins in game! All players will spawn in creative mode, with access to world edit and pretty much all SWDBae permissions! Build cities, expand and enjoy!

How do I get there?

There will be a portal to this server on the DMU Hub, from which you can join. However, in order to join you will need to have the DMU Creative Pass. Yes, even if you are SWDBae you must still purchase the pass.

Purchasing the pass.

The pass is $4.99, it is a one time payment. Once you've bought your pass you will have access to the DMU Creative server forever. Before you complain about the price, consider the following: 1. SWDBae used to be more expensive than this, and you get a whole new server to play on! 2. The SWDTeam have to generate money some how, the server is not free. It is very expensive to run each month, so donating any sum of money or purchasing any product really helps out! You can pay with either Paypal, PlaySafeCards (Contact Do note that the donations are in USD.

What do I need to know?

Most rules still apply from the DMU Public and Private servers; but just use common sense and you should be fine.

Don't overuse World Edit and go around destroying people's hard work. Any grief on this server is logged even if you use World Edit and will get you banned.

Ban appeals.

If you happen to be jailed, muted or banned by one of our server staff, please post a thread on the SWD Forums using this format:
[How to Post] Server Griefing/Unbanning/Missing builds PLEASE READ
Where to post: Ban Appeals / Reporting

Can I still roleplay on here?

You can, of course you can. However, the main objective of this server is to build, so be sure to not disturb any builders!

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Posted: March 18, 2019

Hey, i canĀ“t find the DMU hub, where can i find it?

LachlanBusterBeta Tester
Posted: February 03, 2019

help I bougt creative pass and I cant get on it

Posted: January 06, 2019

Hey, I bought creative pass but i cant get on it. Any help??

Posted: January 05, 2019

are you allowed to break stuff you put down? if so when you place a tardis down and you go inside if you are allowed to break your own stuff wouldn't I be allowed to break the interior because it came with the tardis

Posted: December 05, 2018

Markczzt yeah Why pay for a creative server pass

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