Beehive Bedlam

Beehive Bedlam

What is Beehive Bedlam?

Beehive Bedlam was a very popular game during the 2000's which was available to play via the Sky Games service in the UK. Since the original game was shut down in 2015 Sky have not released a copy of the game for people to play just as they remember it and based on Tweets from Sky themselves have no plans on doing so.


That is why this recreation (fan game) was created. It's a nice way for people to replay a classic British game on more widely available platforms (Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Tablets / Phones, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV).


How do I play?


The mobile version of the game is very simple to play, either side of the screen you have large buttons, these buttons will rotate the pointer left and right. In order to fire a flower you just swipe up on the screen (swipe sensitivity can be altered in the game options). Once you complete a level it will  be unlocked so you can come back and play it again at any time from the level selection screen.



The TV version of the game plays very similar to the original SKY version. Using your remote / game controller you can move the pointer left and right using the D-Pad / directional controls / analogue stick. To fire a flower you just press the select button (if using a remote) or the A button (if using a game controller).

To pause the game at any time you can press the menu button on your remote or the Y button on your game controller.

Unlike the original if you complete a level you will unlock it and can come back to it at any time from the level selection screen.


I have a question about the game?

If you have any questions regarding the game please feel free to contact us at



Beta Build

Alpha Build


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pog game

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Nice and Cute

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best game ever

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Posted: February 02, 2020