Behind Bars - Server Mod

Behind Bars - Server Mod

What is Behind Bars?

Behind bars is a mod for Minecraft 1.8 designed to run on the server. This mod add the ability to create prison cells and jail users. Once a user had been jailed they can no longer interact with the world, and cannot execute commands.

How do I use it?

It is very simple to use, there are 3 different commands, one for jailing and release a user, one for creating and removing jail cells and another for listing all of the created jail cells.
The commands are as follows:

Creating a cell

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/cell add

Removing a cell

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/cell remove

Jailing a user

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/jail add [cell_name]
If no cell name is provided then a cell will be selected at random.

Releasing a user

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/jail release

Listing all jail cells

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What happens if somebody breaks out of jail?

If a user breaks our of jail they will not be able to interact with any of the surroundings, so no damage should be caused.

What happens if the user dies in jail?

If a user dies whilst in jail they will respawn inside the jail cell, instead of their default world spawn, this prevents users from escaping.

Do players need to have the mod installed as well as the server?

Only the server will need to have the mod installed.

How do I install this mod?

Place the downloaded jar into the mods folder of your server and it should all work


Please note that this is a server side mod and is designed to run on a multiplayer server, it will not work if used in single player.



Beta Build

Alpha Build


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Posted: March 21, 2021


FutureXBeta Tester
Posted: December 01, 2020

Can this be updated to 1.16 or 1.12 soon

Posted: May 26, 2020


TheCollossalDanBeta Tester
Posted: December 17, 2016

I'm using Technic Launcher and its not working

RaccoonBeta Tester
Posted: February 26, 2017

Maybe click settings (on the modpack you want) then open the folder copy the mods then place them into the mods folder in minecraft!

bables11Beta Tester
Posted: December 11, 2016

yes good memories of this mod