SWDTeam Beta Access

SWDTeam Beta Access


What is SWDTeam Beta Access?

SWDTeam Beta access gives users access to exclusive previews of work in progress features, new games, mods and software we create. This also grants you early access to beta builds of our games, software and new site features! (This excludes Minecraft mods). All of the users who have SWDTeam Beta Access have the "Beta Access" rank on the site.

How does it work?

When launching up a product from the Beta Access page it will ask you to input your SWDTeam account username and password, we do this in order to verify that you can use the Beta product. If you try and launch a beta product with a standard account you will not be able to gain access to it. It will either not load or will just close.

Are there any other rules?

There are a set of rules which you have to follow when using the SWDTeam Beta which are as follows:

1.) You must not distribute the files with anybody else who does not have beta access.

2.) You may be required to login to your SWDTeam account upon launching the Beta Product, this is so that we can verify that the user using the product is a beta user.

3.) You must not give your account details out to other users to give them access to the beta as well. We keep track of who is using what and if we see this happening then you may loose your beta access or even your SWDTeam account.

4.) When you are a member of the SWDTeam Beta you will see a list of products available for download, so long as it has a green tick beside it you are free to record videos of the beta product, and display it publicly, however if it has a red cross you are not permitted to display the content publicly. Again this may cause you to loose you Beta access or even your SWDTeam account. However if it was a mistake you can contact us and we will look into it for you.


What do I get on DMU?

You will also receive a Beta rank on the server when you purchase this. This rank includes the following:
- Access to the Private creative Server
- Access to the /set-title command (You may use color codes to make it more colorful!)

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TheDoctor123454Beta Tester
Posted: 18/11/2017 11:10

Why when i press "View Beta Products" it just brings me to the home page, i haven't been on in awhile has something changed?

WeirdoDMU Staff
Posted: 26/11/2017 19:41

This is a bug, please just use the option to view them when you click on your icon in the top right.

saruman5679Beta Tester
Posted: 08/10/2017 15:07

Something went wrong. I pressed buy, and want to use paypal. It gives me a buffering icon for 2-3 seconds, then jumps back to the home page of the site. Any suggestions?

WeirdoDMU Staff
Posted: 26/11/2017 19:41

This bug is now fixed.

thedoctorASZBeta Tester
Posted: 01/10/2017 21:39

How do I get on the DMU private?

The_SentinelBeta Tester
Posted: 29/08/2017 02:34

So, would this mean I could download and play the 1.12 version of the Dalek mod (with the obvious risk that it would probably be buggy)?

WeirdoDMU Staff
Posted: 15/09/2017 20:43

No, as there has to be an actual beta release

TheProfessorBeta Tester
Posted: 14/07/2017 19:03

why cant I download it on my new laptop?

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