What is Uppp?

Uppp is a fun, simple, addictive mobile game. The idea of the game is to navigate the ball around the walls gaining points with each pass. There are three different difficulty levels which adjust the speed of the game. 


How do you play?

The controls are very simple. Simply tilt your device from left to right to move the ball. The more you tilt your device in either direction the faster the ball will move, so be careful! You can also warp from one side of the screen to the other by exiting either side of the screen.






You can download the game from the link below or alternatively from the download button on the sidebar




  • Is it on iOS?? - Not at the moment. All of our games at present are only available on Android.
  • My phone is only and doesn't support the accelerometer how can I play? - Unfortunately there is no way to play without the accelerometer. However most smartphones do include one.
  • Are you aware that Uppp also stands for Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and is a surgical procedure? - We are now



Beta Build

Alpha Build


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Landan13Beta Tester
Posted: June 28, 2019

look like a fun game