Xplosives Mod

Xplosives Mod

What is the Xplosives mod?

The Xplosives mod adds a wide range of different explosives into Minecraft. Ranging from small to large explosives, such as dynamite, physics bombs and hydrogen bombs! As well as bombs we have added remote detonators, hand cannons and more! If you're the type who enjoys watching the world crumble at your fingertips then this mod is for you!


What does the mod include?

As of update 1.1

  • Detonator Remote
  • Detonator
  • Hand Cannon - (Can be loaded with blocks / explosives held in the off-hand)
  • Dynamite
  • Packed TNT
  • Fireblast TNT
  • Cluster Bomb
  • Physics Bomb
  • Bonemeal Bomb
  • Lightning Conductor
  • Incendiary Bomb
  • Hydrogen Bomb
  • Arrow Bomb
  • Tipped Arrow Bomb
  • Snowball Bomb

What version of Minecraft is the mod for?

Currently the mod works on all versions of Minecraft 1.12, this includes 1.12.1


Will you add feature 'x' to the mod?

Leave all suggestions for the mod either under "Suggestions" on the forums with the tag [Xplosives] in the title, or post suggestions in the comments below.


What are the crafting recipes?

1) Detonator

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2) Detonator Remote

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3) Hand Cannon

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4) Packed TNT

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5) Fireblast TNT

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6) Cluster Bomb

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7) Physics Bomb

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8) Bonemeal Bomb

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9) Lightning Conductor

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10) Incendiary Bomb

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11) Hydrogen Bomb

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12) Arrow Bomb

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13) Tipped Arrow Bomb

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(All tipped arrows will work)

14) Snowball Bomb

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Can I use this in a modpack?

Of course you can, just remember to credit the SWDTeam and link back to our website


I have a bug to report!!

The mod is still relatively new so there are going to be bugs. If you find a bug please post it on the issue tracker here:



Beta Build

Alpha Build


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Posted: September 30, 2020

plsss make it 1.12.2

Posted: September 30, 2020

pls make a server i agree with that but not the banning of griefing

MikebloxBeta Tester
Posted: June 18, 2020

rip xbox they have no mods

AlphamesonBlast06Beta Tester
Posted: January 16, 2020

This mod should have a server. You could make griefing a bannable offence, but keep the xplosives blocks from being banned.

Posted: January 01, 2020

Can this be downloaded and used on the Xbox one platfrom?

Posted: February 16, 2020

Xbox does not have Mod Support yet unfortunately