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Massive DW fan and knowledgeable on Dalek Mod. I will do anything I can to get you started :)

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December 23, 2017

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Posted: January 08, 2018

HI Doctor1963, thank you for your response. I have tried that and the download arrived as java in download folder, which I extracted and several files appeared, in tandem i logged into the minecraft v1.2.8 windows 10 compatible version we have and there was nowhere to drag and drop the file into, plus the folder i had i didn't have much faith it was the correct version, i'm looking for a version that is compatible with the Minecraft v1.2.8 windows 10 compatible download...I'm sorry to bother you with this, i'm a novice and my son is a massive Dr Who fan (10 yrs old) he's so passionate about it i want to try and succeed with this task of getting the Dalek Mod to work in his version of Minecraft! Thank you

Posted: October 30, 2012

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